Seven Rent-A-Car, Tours, Transport Agency & Ambulance Service
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Quotation Noah Of Seven RENT-A-CAR




Quotation of Noah Microbus A/C ( 7 seats)

Vehicles Types


Monthly Rent (Day Duty only Included Driver Salary & car Maintenance)

Gas Per Km. (When per m3  Tk.35/)

1.Noah Dual A/C. Alphard , Super star , Limu , Fildora




2. Noah Dual A/C or X-Noah , Voxy Noah




3. Noah Dual A/C or X-Noah , Voxy Noah




4.Noah Single A/C , GL / DX




Terms & conditions:

  1. Regular service day and time: 10 hours every day, Friday off 6 days week and 26 days month.  Eid holiday will be from 3 to 7 days. (Friday off , When working on Friday, the driver will complete the day's overtime )
  2. After 26 days, next every day will charge for daily rental charge. Please view , 
  3. Every 10 hours we count one day. After 10 hours every hour would be charge 50 Taka (each hour) and 100/= taka for driver Lunch.
  4. Traveler would bear all the cost such as, Gas(or Gas per km 10/-, if any Octane per km 16/-), Oil, bridge, ferry, parking, bridge toll etc. Client will bear 20 liters of octane for every month for starting and switching off the car.
  5. 20 kilometer will be added to run over parking spot from duty spot for each working day.
  6. In around 26 days if client visit out of Dhaka than 1000/- will added as rent and tour allowance every day.
  7. We cannot provide the car when political strike or Natural disaster is running. If car does not move for any political strike & Natural disaster, the payment method will not be affected or reduced. It will remain same. If the user need the car for very necessary then it will be compromise under conversation. But if there are any vandalism then those user will be give us all compensation.
  8. The payment of the car would be given as advance.  The next payment must be given the last day of every month. The money can be deposited to the bank A/C No: 199 110 000 294. Account Name: Seven Rent-A-Car, Bank Name: Dutch-Bangla Bank Ltd. of any Branch or to the “Seven Rent A Car” in cash or Bank draft and receive the money receipt.
  9. The Traveler would take all sorts of care for car and driver.
  10. The rate is without vat and Tax.
  11. Seven Rent A Car can change and cancel any kind of condition of this agreement.

     We agree to all these conditions.

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Signature of Authority

All types of vehicles are available for all roads in Bangladesh.

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