Seven Rent-A-Car, Tours, Transport Agency & Ambulance Service
CALL US: 01611511616 ( 7 am to 11 pm)
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About Of Seven RENT-A-CAR

The normal mechanical wear and tear on the vehicle is assumed by Seven Rent-A-Car.

Service includes:

  • Daily basis car rental.
  • Monthly basis rental on discount price for long term.
  • Package system Rental.
  • Hourly basis after 10 hours.
  • Pick & Drop service for school and office.
  • Airport Pick-up service - We'll pick you up from the arrival lounge inside the airport, will wait there with a sign in your name.
  • Taxi Service to drop anywhere in the country.
  • Event Management - Can provide all the cars needed for any big event.
  • Flight Ticket: The guarantee of booking any Aircraft ticket at the lowest price.
  • Tours- Travel: In any area of Bangladesh a group based on the lowest cost of accommodation, eat and travel with our guide man.
    Dear Sir / Madam:

    ''All types rental Cars available. ''

    Our Service is one of the best reliable car rental service agencies in Bangladesh. We providing expensive and affordable cars – whatever is your requirements, we can help you. Our facilities: Experienced driver – Never worry about road safety. Punctuality – the car will arrive 15 minutes early. Well-behaved driver – never misbehave with passengers. Cleanliness – you’ll get a clean car while on service. Reasonable price – compared to similar standard companies in Bangladesh. English understanding driver – for the convenience of foreigners. (If needed) Hire a car from us to get the following benefits: Low rent: Take a special discount when you book for at least one week. Travel with comfort. Call us at 01611511616.

    We expected your important comments to improve our service quality. If you have any opinion or need any Cars, please share with us frankly.

    We provide A/C cars, Noah, Hiace, Microbus, Ambulance, Jeep, Tourist Bus, Pickup, Covered Van, Cargo Van, and any Flight Ticket. We believe that We will can you an affordable service. You can rent a car for one day or you can rent the car on contract basis for monthly and yearly. I can give you in the lowest price in Dhaka. Contact 01611511616 and email; for your information.

    Our front office staffers are ready to welcome you cordially whenever you visit us at our company office located at ''Seven Rent-A-Car'', House-37 Road No-16, Sector-11, Uttara, and Dhaka-1230.Bangladesh. (Western side of Uttara West Police Station).

    Here are four parts of our work Service.
    For example -
    (1) Rent-a-car. (2) Tours and Travels (Tourism and Flight Ticket). (3) Transportation and (4) ICT department.

    ''What do you want to know''
    The highest quality service provided by ''Seven Rent-A-Car'' is given by comparing various rant-A-cars from the number of Rent-A-cars in Bangladesh.
    Seven Rent-A-Car’s website is
    Many people may be having questions on how to could it high quality?

    1. In that case, the first question, what do you mean by the quality?
    Answer: Quality is the acceptable and expected value of a product and the defect-free condition that is able to achieve customer satisfaction and demand.

    2. So to speak about product acceptance, ''Seven Rent-A-Car'' does not rent any car made before 2004, even though many cars made before 1991 already still running on the road in Bangladesh. So, from 2004 to 2017 the conventional model cars are available in the ''Seven Rent-A-Car'' for rent.

    3. Then the explanation about the desired value – The driver of each and everyone a license holder, not only just a license holder but also their license is at least 7 years passed, here in some driver's license is 30 years. And the drivers here are between 30 and 55. Not less and not more. That means, no one in here can drive getting a license. He has to be at least 7 years of experience.

    4. Regarding the defect-free- Since every car is from 2004 to 2017 conventional models, so there is no Defective car here. Drivers are at least 7 years experienced. Therefore, the mechanical defect occurs then the drivers are able to understand in a short time and they reported the owner of the vehicle immediately and the vehicle is repaired by an expert technician from the best automobiles.

    5. About a small office and staff – The ''Seven Rent-A-Car'' before used to in a large office and several branches. It found that paying office rent and staff salary costs a lot and Customers or passengers spend more on renting a car. Therefore, reducing the cost of business by reducing office room and staff salary, car rental been affordable so that the importance of society or VIP person or Office Executive Person can be able to rent a needed car. Moreover, it has been Research that the customer or the passenger usually rent a car via phone call, since they never come to the office directly at any time; it is a waste with work in the large spaces for office.

    6. Time and safety about car rental- a). ''Seven Rent-A-Car''s are caring for their drivers and collaborating to provide maximum customer safety. For example, a person is usually capable of diligent 10 hours of good work within 24 hours. Therefore, a driver is given 10 hours of duty in a day so that he can maintain his physical and mental balance. In some cases, additional work is done for 2 to 4 hours by provides special benefits to the driver with the special needs of the customer and additional charge.

    b). Drivers can read English messages and inquiries are kept in touch for at least 3 months before hiring a driver. Monitoring and counseling are done after the appointment. Passenger opinions on drivers, cars, and rentals are always been noted and prioritized thir.

    c). No rental cars are available from ''Seven Rent-A-Car'' on long road drive (Distance District) at night. Because on the very morning all the people get to sleep. There is no problem sleeping in the passenger but when the driver is driving, if for one second's eyes are closed or one second sleep? Of course, the answer is no need. Because of this, cars are not rented at night without an Airport or Hospital duty.

    7. about customer satisfaction- ''Seven Rent-A-Car'' has operated the service with the reputation from 2010. Because 'Seven Rent-A-Car's car owners are 1,000 and the total cars are about 3,000. The number of clients is more than 5 thousand. No such complaint has been found here yet. It has been found that when renting a car there has got 1 complaint, which is a very small complaint. For example, the driver may be delayed for 1 hour due to a traffic jam, or there is discolored on the car's footboard or door handle.

    ''Seven Rent-A-Car'' is operated by the ''command of chain'' System. The coordinator is one. I am Michael Shikder coordinator, I was born in 1971 But from 1991 I work out driving at the other house, office, and rental car agency and had been working automobile workshops and also had been appointed myself to others' rent-a-car agency for achieving experience. From 2010 I started the ''Seven Rent-A-Car'' industry with a few people. It is not a business to me, it is my one-of-a-kind humanely service to people, but I consider it an art to achieving the highest standard.

    "Thank you so much for your patience and for reading this "

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